About us

Meet Doctor Paula Avila

Doctor Paula Avila has 14 years of experience in the Aesthetic Medical field. Born and raised in San Jose Costa Rica, she knew from a young age she would pursue her career as a medical professional. The start of her medical journey in Costa Rica began with a graduate degree from the Medical School at the University of Ibero-America UNIBE, specialized in Health Sciences, offers Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Psychology.

Doctor Avila then traveled to Argentina to complete her specialization in Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine where she very quickly realized that she had much more desire to continue her studies and obtain more knowledge in the technology related to her profession. In 2012, she moved to Barcelona Spain and acquired her master’s degree in Laser Medicine and Phototherapy. This continuing education allows Doctor Avila to provide a wide range of treatments to her patients in a safe and professional manner.

Pacific Medical Clinic and Spa offers patients a wide selection of cosmetic services, which all produce their own unique and beautiful results.


We offer services at two beautiful locations in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Our services include a multitude of cosmetic surgeries, medical treatments, and aesthetic professional services including laser liposuction, skin care treatments, laser hair removal, among many other procedures.


Our leading doctor, Paula Avila, is dedicated to providing her patients top of the line specialized services. As a result, our clinical spa only utilizes the latest state of the art technology in the professional clinical world. We’re dedicated to providing results to our patients that are truly lasting and reflect the highest level of security and personal care.


All patients are welcome to Pacific Medical Spa. We treat all our clients with respect and care, as we highly value both the emotional as well as physical side to beauty and care. Not only will you see the effects of our treatments, you will feel the difference mentally and emotionally. As a client dedicated spa, we tailor our treatments and offerings of services to your personal requests, allowing us care for your unique wants and needs with the right amount of attention.


As a spa clinic, we follow a ‘Patient first’ attitude which means that you’ll be able to consult us knowing that you are our first priority as we provide you with our aesthetic services. Your satisfaction is essential to our success.