– Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP (Platelet – rich plasma) is a type of restorative treatment, which is used for the purpose of revitalizing your skin. It achieves this by reactivating the biological functions of your skin cells, which can be compared to improving your skin’s metabolism. This all happens because modified platelets are inserted back into your skin.

The therapy involves a small amount of blood being drawn from the patient, which is then centrifuged to separate the red blood cells from plasma – producing a yellow golden liquid known as PRP (Platelet – rich plasma). The therapy is suitable for any skin type.

Before the treatment, the doctor will provide you with a consultation where you can discuss the results you are trying to achieve. This treatment needs to be exclusively performed by professionals with experience in the field.

The treatment benefits include:

• Decreases in fine wrinkles and expression lines
• Increases in brightness of your skin and general improvement of color
• Additional skin smoothness and silkiness
• Reduction in flabbiness on skin
• Improves look of cellulite and stretch marks on skin
• Helps Hair growth


– Bioidentical Hormone (Pellets)

As part of the normal aging process, the body's hormonal function slowly declines. Restoring natural hormone function using testosterone chips is a safe and effective way to reverse aging. The procedure consists of introducing into the body bio-identical hormones that come from a botanical source. Testosterone from the chip enters the body in its natural molecular form and therefore does not alter normal physiology, as is the case with synthetic hormones. The testosterone inserted depends on what you need for your body. This will be unique to you based on discussions and recommendations from our doctor. Before doing the placement, it is necessary to carry out some previous tests to know the hormonal level of each organism, since each pellet is made in a personalized way according to the estrogen and testosterone levels of each patient.


· Hot flash relief.
· Vaginal rejuvenation
· Increased mental and physical energy.
· Improves libido and sexual satisfaction.
· A healthier physique and an improved sense of well-being.
· Improves anxiety, insomnia.
· The in-body chip lasts 4-6 months and most patients begin to feel changes 24-72 hours after insertion.
· They are implanted subcutaneously in the buttock.

– Weight Loss

Currently people seek to achieve an ideal of beauty with aesthetic treatments that are not invasive, painful or imply a disability, but can be integrated immediately into their daily tasks. This is why the fat burning equipment that is currently available in the aesthetic medicine sector does not stop advancing and increasingly incorporates advanced technology to guarantee localized fat loss, to combat flaccidity, orange skin and improve circulation.