Aesthetic Medicine

- Botox

Botulinum toxin works by temporarily decreasing the contraction of facial muscles, leaving the skin smooth and toned, correcting wrinkles, and preventing their progression. Botulinum toxin injections weaken and paralyze certain muscles, blocking some nerves.

The effects of the injection are not immediate, they begin to be observed after 7 to 14 days have elapsed, depending on each patient. The results are highly satisfactory.

In addition, depending on the patient, the effect of botulinum toxin can last between 3-6 months.

The number of injections you need will depend on your facial features and the extent of your wrinkles.

Botox Brands we use: Xeomin, Dysport, Botox

• Reduces the visible signs of aging.
• Avoid tremors
• Reduces muscle pain.
• Increases circulation.
• Reduces migraine.
• Reduces excessive sweating.

- Threads Lift

Is a highly effective non – surgical thread facelift procedure that can correct in which temporary sutures are used to produce a subtle but visible "lift" in the skin. This has the effect of slightly pulling the skin back and therefore lifting and tightening the face. In addition to being great for firming skin, threads fight aging in another way: by triggering the body's "healing response" and causing the body to direct large waves of collagen to the treated areas. This is important because of the vital role that collagen plays in the aging process.

A thread lift is considered a low-risk procedure with minimal recovery time, but it does come with side effects and a risk of complications.

Previous consultation needed a doctor with experience in the field performs the procedure and will provide a consultation where both can discuss the results trying to achieve, treatment itself, and healing process.

During the Treatment, we use an anesthetic to make you feel comfortable.



• They rejuvenate the face.
• They stress the face.
• Recovers and stimulates the production of collagen.
• Combat flaccidity.
• Renews the facial contour.
• Non- Surgical Technique without Scars

- Fillers

Facial fillers are all those products used to provide volume on the face or correct the effects of aging. Said products are biocompatible materials, which are used for correcting wrinkles and furrows or to give volume to certain areas of the face, such as the lips, achieving a greater harmony of the face and returning lost volumes. Requires medical evaluation.


Filler brands we use: Hyaluronic Acid, Juvederm, Restylane, Ellanse, Profhilo

• Improves skin hydration and elasticity.
• Improves collagen production.
• Increases cell activity.
• Rejuvenates the skin.
• Remodels the contour of the face.
• Corrects wrinkles.
• Combat flaccidity.


Bio stimulation:

Treatment is charged with stimulating the production of Type 1 collagen naturally, which is what we are born with and is not produced to the same extent over time.
It requires a personalized medical diagnosis, so our Dr. Paula Avila proceeds to start the aesthetic filler treatment in those areas that show loss of firmness and thickness, achieving an instant lifting effect.
The areas where it can be applied are face, neck, neckline, and hands.

- Lip Augmentation

The Hyaluronic Acid dermal Fillers a non-surgical treatment. can enhance or correct the size and shape of your lips. It helps smooth the lines lips and around the surrounding skin area.
Giving you fuller and plumper lips, also improves the appearance of your lips by adding – shape, structure, and volume.

This procedure, which usually takes around 30 minutes, the doctor strategically injects a selected amount of filler into the lips to achieve the chosen result, increases volume, and ensures a shapely and even contour. Usually, the procedure does not cause pain, however, before the procedure, the injection site is treated with a special cream to reduce the skin sensitivity.


First results will be noticeable instantly, the lips may experience mild, temporary swelling and bruising, which will disappear in a week.


Most of the latest lip fillers are created with a substance naturally found in the skin – Hyaluronic Acid. Therefore, hyaluronic acid eventually breaks down, and retreatment Will ultimately be needed to maintain the soft, plump look. How long the results of your lip augmentation can last can depend on several factors. We use only high quality, safe medical hyaluronic acid fillers evaluated for their effectiveness and durability. Lip Augmentation procedure is performed exclusively by qualified Doctor with experience in the field. Before the procedure, your doctor will provide a consultation and answer any questions.

- Facial Harmonization

Facial harmonization aims to enhance your facial appearance in a minimally invasive way. Is the art of polishing the face's dimensions, angles, and proportions, respecting each person's features. Something like giving a beauty boost to your face.

It combines non-surgical procedures: injectable treatments such as dynamic wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin (Botox), dermal fillers like collagen threads, collagen stimulators, hyaluronic acid, and tension threads. The result is a more harmonious and refreshed look. Young and mature patients have chosen this treatment as a preventative or restorative measure. I will carefully consider and examine your needs and offer you a personalized plan to achieve what you wish.

Before the procedure, a detailed consultation is needed, during which individual facial characteristics and features are evaluated.

-BOTOX (botulinum toxin)
-Forehead and temples
-Foxy-eyes thread lift
-Filling of marionette lines and nasolabial folds
-Cheeks, chin and jawline
-Skin rejuvenation with collagen biostimulator application